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Interactive Map Server

The Lewis and Clark Across Missouri interactive map server is an on-line mapping utility which enables users who may not be familiar with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to view and interact with the historic geography of the Lewis and Clark expedition across the State of Missouri.

Please select a map to view from the drop down menu of currently, available map services. Expanded services are under development

We hope you enjoy your visit to the Lewis and Clark Across Missouri interactive map server.

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NOTE: To obtain the most functionality from the interactive map server, your system should meet the following minimum requirements:
-ArcIMS Supported Browser. (See ESRI ArcIMS website for list of supported browsers)
-Pentium Class Processor
-64 Mb RAM
-2Mb Video RAM

For best results your display should be set to a resolution of 800x600 or higher and you should maximize your browser window.

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