Lewis and Clark Across Missouri
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Beaver Hut on the Missouri
Courtesy State Historical Society of Missouri

Tower Rock
Courtesy State Historical Society of Missouri

Mapping Lewis & Clark in Missouri Curriculum 

As the commemoration of the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial in Missouri draws near, it is our goal that students of history understand the importance of the Corps of Discovery, as well as the significant role Missouri played in the Expedition and larger story of westward expansion. To this end, the Missouri State Archives, a division of the Secretary of State's Office, has been working for several years to promote research and publication on many important topics included in what is commonly referred to as "Lewis and Clark."

It is our hope that the Mapping Lewis and Clark in Missouri Curriculum will be used and enjoyed by educators and students alike. For further information contact Kelly Sanders, Education Specialist, at (573) 526-5296.

PBS Online - Lewis and Clark
PBS web site dedicated to the Ken Burns film, Lewis and Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery
Traveling the Route of the Oregon Trail
Contains links to sites about the Louisiana Purchase, Oregon Trail, history of Northwest and Hudsons Bay Companies. Links to information on immigation, migration and lesson plans
National Geographic's Lewis and Clark website 
An interactive website that allows the viewer to re-live the Lewis and Clark expedition.
Discovering Lewis and Clark
An impressive website that documents the Lewis and Clark expediton.
The nations first musical drama featuring the Lewis and Clark expedition, commissioned for the national bicentennial of that journey
Lewis and Clark Expedition 
A National Register of historic Places Travel Intinerary
The Journals of Lewis and Clark
The Journals of Lewis and Clark
Huge listing of Lewis and Clark information on the Internet
Discovery Expedition of St. Charles
This site is dedicated to living history---bringing the story of Lewis and Clark alive through river-based reenactments, with replicas of their boats as a centerpoint.
Lewis and Clark National Historicla Park, Oregon and Washington
The Park is made up of 12 park sites located on a 40-mile stretch of the Pacific coast from Long Beach, WA to Cannon Beach, OR. Visit the sites in any order you wish; we recommend starting at Fort Clatsop or the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center at Cape Disappointment. Both offer rangers, gift shops and exhibits on the region.
Lewis and Clark in Idaho
Lewis and Clark in Idaho
National Historic Landmarks, National Park Service
This site has a searchable database of Historic Landmarks (you can list all Lewis and Clark sites, for example).
Dirt Travel - Going West in the US
An amateur site about westward expansion with links to many other sites.
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