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Mouth of the Missouri
De Finiel, Nicolas. "Carte D'Une Partie Du Cours Du Mississippi".

Introduction to Virtual River Travel

These Lewis and Clark travel-day animations are virtual photo-realistic reconstructions of the Missouri River landscape using the data gleaned from the early U.S. GLO surveyor notes. The early U.S. surveyors dutifully noted the lay of the land, the general vegetative cover, the tree species present, and the specific locations of streams and rivers along their survey lines. These data have enabled us to reconstruct virtual landscapes of the Missouri River environment that offer these various visions into Missouri's past before it was put to the modifications of modern society.


  • The expedition waypoints are symbolized by the red ball and campsite locations are symbolized by the three boats
  • The animation file sizes vary from 360 to 1500kb and may take significant time to download depending on the speed of your internet connection
  • Additional control of the Flash movies is provided by right clicking on the movie and selecting appropriate controls from the dialog box.

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